Italian Work27/01/2015

David & Ged on 'Io e le cose'

Currently David is in Italy in the studio working.
A little while ago he and Ged did a track with Maurizio di Tollo:

Maurizio di Tollo - "Io e le cose"
(G.Gaber - S.Luporini)
Taken from "Memorie Di Uno Sparring Partner" - 2015

Video Credits

Plot: Enrico Firpo
Editing Video: Alessandro Spanu
Directed and Produced by Christian Marras

Audio Credits

Maurizio di Tollo: Voice - Synth
David Rhodes: Guitars
Eros Cristiani: Piano
Ged Lynch: Drums and Percussion
Christian Marras: Bass Guitars

Artistic Production

Christian Marras & Eros Cristiani
Mixed and Mastered by Andrea Pica

Published by Isola Tobia Label 2015