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Working with Graham Dean

David has been collaborating with the Britisch painter Graham Dean on several projects over the years.

In 2011 they joined to do some performances together, called 'David Rhodes & Graham Dean - Painting Music' as part of the cultural festival 'Across the Borders' in Aachen (Germany) and as part of the Cultura Nova Festival in Heerlen and Maastrich (Netherlands).

While large projections showed Graham painting the audience was engulfed by the sound of David's guitar. The idea was that the two artists react to one another at any given moment. The video shows David and Dean performing in Aachen and in Heerlen, containing also some interview bits of David, Graham and Rick Takvorian (project director/initiator).

Graham's latest film is called 'Waterproof - Reinventing waterclour painting', music by David Rhodes. Graham: "My intention was to make a new type of documentary film which is a hybrid - a dialogue between painting and film. Sensuous, haunting, visceral and revealing, it echoes how I work with watercolour and paper: layering, assembling and jig-sawing images together."

You also find two short films (Part 1 & Part 2) by Graham Dean that focus on his ambition to 're-invent' watercolour painting in a contemporary context. It covers the period from 1987 to 1990 when he was still experimenting with different watercolour techniques. Music by David Rhodes.