This page is a miscellany of things that have been going on.

Painting - Music

David has been collaborating with the painter Graham Dean on several projects over the years. One of them a performance called 'David Rhodes & Graham Dean - Painting Music' as part of a cultural festival. Find some videos and other information about their collaboration.

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Hier haben Sie / habt Ihr Gelegenheit, dieses wunderschöne Lied einmal ganz anzuhören. David Rhodes ist übrigens auch Vater dreier Kinder.  :-) The David Rhodes Band Der Song 'Time' Gitarren,…

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Other Work

David Rhodes does not only lend his unique guitar sound to musicians like Kate Bush or Peter Gabriel. He also has been doing many other interesting work. Among this working with the British painter Graham Dean, the photographer David Stewart, or writing soundtracks.

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Short films

David Rhodes composed and performed music for several ads and short films. We proivde a collection of some videos here.

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Film Work

David Rhodes composed and performed soundtracks for a couple of films ranging from documentaries to animation films to a romcom.

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