And now to something completely different - The Morel. ;-)28/04/2015

How to prepare a fab dinner...

Morel in green grasThe other day David went for a ride and in a sunny place he spotted some morels! So he took them home to.cook them for a fab dinner.

We had these nice pics David took of his pickings on Instagram. Yip, also there some people didn't have a clue what this strange thingy could be. But one Instagrammer recognized the treasure right away and asked for how to prepare them...

On Instagram


Thank you @foodgasmguide! ☺ Team D R

Morels in frying pancrayons500
What is it??

@crayons500 It's a mushroom. A very tasty mushroom. Team D R

How do you prepare them? I'm getting some tomorrow!

@franorahma Just with butter and garlic; maybe a little pepper. You can add some parsley too. Always add any salt after cooking with mushrooms otherwise they lose too much moisture.

@franorahma Forgot, use a brush to clean morels and tweezers to remove insects, no water.

You read my mind @davidrhodesofficial - I was wondering how to clean them! I've had them in restaurants but never prepared them. Thanks for the great tips!

Oh by the way: Not only the dinner but the spoon is homemade too.   :-)